Office Visits

Office Visits

10am-6pm Monday-Thursday


Dr. Danchak always starts treatment with conservative and judicious application of needle Qi. You will help him determine the amount of Qi you need by your response to treatment. After 2-3 treatments he will discuss with you the possibility of strengthening and/or maintaining the beneficial effects of acupuncture with a custom-blended herbal formula. Not everybody needs an herbal formula. And conversely, some needle-phobic patients get excellent results with herbs alone, without ever getting acupuncture.


Before Your Treatment

Please avoid large meals, caffeine, and exhausting workouts for at least a couple of hours prior to your treatment. Please bring a list of medications you are currently taking. You may find it more comfortable to dress in loose-fitting clothing. Please refrain from using perfume/cologne or skin lotions of any kind.


First Visit: History and Diagnosis

Your initial visit will last 2-2.5 hours. In the first hour Dr. Danchak will take your medical history, examine your tongue and pulse, talk with you about the reasons for your visit, and discuss your diet with you.


Before your one hour treatment Dr. Danchak will run a comfortable, computerized Electro Meridian Imaging test of your source points (located on the hands and feet) and print out a graph of the energy in your 12 main meridians and discuss with you it’s implications in light of your traditional tongue and pulse findings.


The Treatment

Very fine needles will be inserted at key points, mostly on your arms and legs, and gently manipulated from time to time. You relax and listen to music as your body’s energy balances itself for about 45 minutes. Some people feel energy subtly flowing through their body; some just fall asleep.


Subsequent treatments will last one hour.

After Your Treatment

Please avoid large meals, caffeine, alcohol, stressful and strenuous activities, swimming, showers and baths, and direct exposure to wind for the rest of the day.


Please always feel free to call if you have any questions.


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